Council Putting Down Dogs Following Attack

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19 June 2017

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*dog pictured is not dog involved in attack

Image: Time Magazine

The Townsville City Council will proceed with the destruction of two dogs involved in a savage attack on a man and his pet at Bluewater on Friday.

Bluewater man Michael Geier sustained wounds to his neck, and lost one of his dogs in the attack which occurred just before lunch on Friday, June 16. 

Council officers received written authorisation from the owner today to euthanize the two bull Arab cross dogs.

Community Health and Environment Committee chair Cr Ann Maree Greaney said the council was continuing with investigations with the intention of prosecuting the owner of the attacking dogs through the courts.

“This was a savage attack, which caused serious harm and distress to the victim, and we want to send a very strong message to all dog owners that attacks carry serious consequences,” Cr Greaney said.

“The two attacking dogs were impounded immediately after the attack to safeguard the community and they will now be put down within the next 24 hours.

“While the owner of the dogs has cooperated fully with the investigating officers and is extremely concerned for the injured man and the loss of his pet, the council will continue to prepare to prosecute the matter through the courts.”

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