Council Impounds Over 40 Share Bikes Found Across Sydney


5 March 2018

Article heading image for Council Impounds Over 40 Share Bikes Found Across Sydney

Waverley Council has impounded more than 40 dockless share bikes across the city today, following frustration at the number of bikes left strewn across footpaths, beaches and streets.

The council warned companies operating share bike services that this action would be taken if changes weren't made to clean up the system.

This morning alone, 42 bikes were collected from Bondi according to, with this number expected to hit as high as 60 by the end of today.

"We want dockless bikes to work in the area but it needs to be operationally sound," Mr Wakefield told AAP on Monday.

"Bike operators need to ensure their product is maintained and presentable for the community to use."

Operators will be informed that their bikes have been impounded once they are processed at the council depot.

It will cost $70 per bike if they are to be recovered.

Otherwise, the bikes will be recycled.

An ofo representative told AAP that work is being done to ensure that the "bike sharing services are enjoyed and benefiting our users".

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