Could This BE Anymore Perfect… Friends Themed LEGO Is Coming

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It’s no secret that Friends will forever be one of our all-time fave TV shows and now… brace yourselves… because there is a Friends themed LEGO pack coming based around the hit 90s sitcom.

OH MY GOD - in Janice’s voice.


This is an actual life changer and more importantly, the iconic show will live on with children... and adults.

So far, the info of the collaboration is pretty damn small… all we know is that it is coming.

LEGO announced the news with a short video with the caption, “The one with LEGO bricks Coming soon."




Naturally, because Friends is the greatest show of all time, fans have lost it… and for good reason!

With the comments on the Facebook post coming in non-stop, one fan wrote, "FRIENDS deserves a LEGO set as it's the most popular sitcom, especially celebrating 25 years next month," another tagged their friend saying, "Christmas present sorted for me.”

This is def one to keep an eye on! 

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Carly Heading

7 August 2019

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Carly Heading

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