Could Sydney's Lockdown Be Extended?

Leading health experts worry

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One of Australia’s leading health experts said they believed Sydney’s outbreak was going to take a while to contain, alleging the city’s lockdown was not as harsh as it should have been.

As Sydneysiders passed the halfway point of their two-week city-wide closure, the NSW State Government was left evaluating whether another week of stay-at-home orders would be enough to curb the outbreak.


Professor Catherine Bennett told LiSTNR’s Australia Today that, while case numbers remained stable, those in lockdown should not get their hopes up.

“When they went into lockdown, I believe it should have been a lockdown that actually achieves the task. I think they’re now dealing with some of the weaknesses in their lockdown that are causing this to not yet have that good picture you would want a week in, where every case is someone in isolation for the entire time of their infectious period. They haven’t got there yet, so that means it’s going to be that bit slower because they’ve got that bit of leakage.”

Sydney’s current outbreak stood at a total of 195 cases on Friday morning, with 24 new locally acquired cases recorded on Thursday.

Could Sydney's Lockdown Be Extended?

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2 July 2021

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