Connie Defends Herself Against Rumours That She Lied To Get On MAFS

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This morning MAFS sweetheart Connie addressed ALL the rumours that have been circulating surrounding her personality, her mum's attitude towards the show, the surprise support from icon Tina Arena, and more! 


^ To Connie, Love Australia 

Tabloids have accused Connie of lying about being nervous and introverted, using old pictures as evidence of different behaviour in the real world.

Connie isn't about it, and set the record straight when she joined Hit Entertainment for a chat this morning... 

She also defended her mum, who's made no secret about her dislike for Married At First Sight and her daughter's decision to take part in the social experiment.


^ Just to clarify, this is Connie's mum

Now for something a little more upbeat, Connie reacted to the beautiful tweet of support from Tina Arena following the release of her promotional video. 


Who knew Tina was a secret MAFS stan?! 

Connie, on behalf of our country...


Finally, Connie addressed pictures showing her MAFS husband Jonethen getting cosy with another contestant on the show; Cathy.

^ There's no mistaking that signature traitorous man bun! 

Hear what Connie had to say about it...

For the full chat with Connie, listen to the catch up below! 

Ebony Reeves

12 February 2020

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Ebony Reeves

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