CONFIRMED: Johnny Depp Has Been Replaced As Grindelwald In Fantastic Beasts 3

What a great choice!

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Warner Bros

Finally, we have caught wind of who will replace Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald!

It's believed Warner Brothers have confirmed the news and have announced the role in Fantastic Beasts 3 will now be played by none other than Mads Mikkelsen as Depp was asked to resign due to the loss in his legal suit which alleged he was abusive towards his ex-wife.

However, the official announcement is yet to be posted on their social media.


You might recognise Mikkelsen from other dark action movies such as The Hannibal or Rogue One.

Since Johnny Depp left the Harry Potter prequel franchise, Warner Bros was forced to move quickly with a replacement. 

But fans aren't all that happy after many wanted Colin Farrell, as he already played Grindelwald in the first film, but as a disguise and honestly, it kinda makes more sense to us?

Talk about a serious plot twist right there. 

But unfortunately, he's already reportedly filming another Warner Bros film, The Batman.

The film's release date was previously set for next year, but of course, with COVID and all the recent recasting, the film has been pushed back to July 15, 2022.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how they spin Mikkelsen into the previous role played by Depp, we're imagining some polyjuice poition will have to come into play here.

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25 November 2020

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