Confirmed: Dog Owners Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners

Someone's in the dog house...

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It turns out that dogs really are our best friends, because according to some new surveys and studies, people who own dogs are more likely and more willing to give their pooch a peck on the cheek than they are to kiss their partners!


Riley’s Organics, an organic dog treat company, conducted a survey to see just how close we are with our doggos. 

The survey found that 52% of participants admitted to kissing their dogs more than they kiss their partner. 

More than 50% said that they would prefer to sleep with their dog next to them in bed over their significant other. 

One that didn’t come as a shocker was that 94% think of their dogs as one of their best friends. 


A separate American survey found that more than half of dog owners admitted to skipping on social events to just chill with their pets. 

Just a thought - if you’d prefer to just be snuggled up in bed with only your dog, instead of your s/o AND your doggo, you two might need to have a chat… 


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