Concerns Kids Will Be Left Behind During Major Peak Hour Bus Strikes

Parents told to organise Plan B

Claire Sherwood

27 July 2017

Claire Sherwood

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Mums and Dads are being urged to come up with a Plan B for any children who normally take public buses home from school. 

Unionised Brisbane bus drivers are striking again this afternoon, as part of their fight for changed conditions, better pay and security. 

The strike is set to affect the majority of buses numbered from 29 to 599 between 2pm and 6pm. Council and Translink has warned there may be disruptions from around 1pm until 7pm. 

The Rail Tram and Bus Union says school bus drivers are exempt from today's strike, but Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner says the majority of Brissie school kids take regular buses and NOT dedicated school routes. 

"Any driver that agrees not to participate in the strike action will be put on school routes but ultimately the issue here is that there is a large number of children catching general bus services as well,"

"These are vulnerable passengers out there on the network so it is obviously really concerning to us. We're encouraging parents to make alternative plans to get their children home [from school], just to be safe", Cr Schrinner says. 

"I'm a parent too, I've got 3 young children, and this sort of thing is a real serious concern. There is nothing more important than the safety of our children and that is why we are saying to parents 'look, please make a Plan B.'"

The advice is something the union's Tom Brown has echoed. 

"The same advice that I gave to my own daughter in law about my beloved grandchildren: make other arrangements. If the strike is somehow averted, you can always cancel the other arrangements but certainly, you should be making other arrangements"

The Deputy Mayor has met with the union twice in the past week. Their most recent meeting, last night, went on for more than 6 hours. 

"Despite Council's negotiation in good faith about a range of safety issues, and requesting that strike action be postponed while discussions continue, the union has indicated that it intends to proceed with today's strike action."


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