Comuna Cantina launches epic new menu

It's entirely gluten free!

Gold Coast Eats

28 November 2017

Gold Coast Eats

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Comuna Cantina at Pacific Fair recently launched a new menu and it's ENTIRELY gluten free! 

The bold move to create the gluten-free menu was made to allow customers with special dietary requirements to enjoy the Latin American goodness without any concerns! 

Not only are the menu changes appealing for the gluten-intolerant among us, but also for those with big appetites. The menu tweaks at Comuna include tacos double the size of the original serve. The soft tortilla's are a whopping 6-inches and the options include vegetarian, chorizo, mexi meatball, grilled chicken, spicy beef, crispy fish and a brand new prawn taco. 

Comuna Cantina’s new menu also boasts a brand new selection of super-sized arepas, and taco burgers, featuring six sumptuous varieties each served with a side of chips.

For the health conscious among us, The Abundance Bowls from Comuna Cantina are total macro goals without tasting like boiled chicken and broccoli.... To be honest, they are actually my go-to order at Comuna. SO delicious!! 


The cocktail list at Comuna Cantina has also been enhanced with the addition of two new margaritas - the 'Bubblegum Sour' and the 'Apple-Bae' as well as the epic new Jaffa Espresso Martini. These bad boys are some of the most insta-worthy drinks I've seen on the coast. 

To sum all of that up, Comuna Cantina is an EPIC eatery and this new menu just takes it to the next level! If you haven't visited yet, pop in before your date night at the movies or for the perfect lunch break during your christmas shopping. I promise it won't let you down! 


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 Photo Credit (2 & 3): Sarushka Reddy, Ruby Communications

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