Community sets vision for Albany

Reflects community feedback

27 September 2017

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Council has adopted the Community Strategic Plan for Albany and its supporting strategies after undertaking an
extensive review of the Plan in consultation with the community over the past 12 months.

It reflects the extensive feedback received from community and provides a clear and positive direction for Albany’s

The Community Strategic Plan is supported by the Corporate Business Plan, Strategic Asset Management Plan and
People Strategy in balancing the wide range of community views in a financially sustainable way.

Mayor Dennis Wellington thanked the community for its input into this important strategy.

“Together we have updated our Community Strategic Plan to provide an ambitious long-term vision for Albany. More
than 1,890 people directly participated in the review of this Plan by attending workshops, pop-up cafes, completing
surveys and making submissions during the public comment period,” Mayor Wellington said.

“It has given the City an extensive insight into community opinion and expectations that gives us a clear plan for now
and the future – a plan that sets out the community’s priorities and how we can achieve them.”

Results from the 2017 Community Perception Survey formed a key part of the community consultation undertaken for
the review of the Community Strategic Plan and will help guide improvement and monitoring.

“As a result of the community’s feedback and survey results, Council will look to further engage with the community over
the coming months to determine ways we can increase community participation in setting and communicating the City’s
future direction and priorities,” Mayor Wellington said.

“This is Your City and we want you to be part of our success as a community.”

The Community Strategic Plan and supporting documents can be found at

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