Commando Steve SPILLS All The Survivor Goss To Josiah & Elly!

Did he just say who WON?!

Amber Lowther

26 September 2018

Amber Lowther

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Australian Survivor is heading for the finish line, so Josiah & Elly got Commando Steve on the phone this morning to spill the goss on who was the most annoying, who he thinks is going to win and he filled us in on some scary animal encounters!  

To kick off the chat, Josiah asked probably the most important question of all: who was the most annoying? 

"Brian. Hands down, everyone was on Brian's radar, even production," Steve said.

Now, I don't know about you, but there are a few strong contenders on this show. So when it comes to who could win, we really relied on Steve to spill the beans on this one!

"I definitely hope it's a champion and it's not Brian or Monica. I tried to appeal to his competitive streak because he's ex-AFL and he's won premierships. I was like mate, so what? you see me as a threat but you're not going to pit yourself against a threat - someone who's going to test you? He just wanted the easy card."

Does that or does that not sound like it could possibly be Shane? What do you think?!

Now, with Australian Survivor comes some scary animals. Elly had to ask if they really came across them when they weren't filming. 

"The old wild Indian mongoose - we had to stay away from them and there were some big spiders. There were SO many crabs. People would wake up in the night and there would be a crab on their head or a crab pulling at their shoulder. People would wake up screaming."

Sounds like a good time...not.

If you missed Josiah & Elly's chat with Commando Steve, here's his snippet on who he thinks will win Australian Survivor: 

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