Comedians In Town Teaching Students About Getting Off Their Phones

It's time to talk again!

Carley Whittington

28 March 2019

Carley Whittington

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It wasn’t that long ago that groups of people could hang out with no mobile phone in sight and conversation would be flowing.

But now in 2019 it’s a rarity to not see a mobile phone being used at any time, especially among teenagers.

Last year it was recorded that just over one million Australian teens aged 14-17 owned a mobile phone, that’s 9 out 10 young people.

Locally, teens are getting a reality check about communicating.

That sounds like a total yawn fest, but it’ll be quite the opposite for students at Pimlico High.

In 2018, the Australian Psychological Society revealed that Australian teenagers were spending 3.5 hours a day, everyday online and that the most popular online activity for the demographic was social networking, with  91% of 15-19 year olds were online for social networking. 

So concerns are definitely being raised about their communication skills (and mental health well-being) with screen time taking over.

Executive Principal of Pimlico State High School, Mr Joel Buchholz believes schools need to move with the times.

“Mobile phones are here to stay, yes, we can regulate them during school time, but we must also respond to the effects of this new influence.  That’s why Pimlico has introduced a new Communication Coaching experience for our students. We need to go back to basics a little and teach our students ethical well-mannered face to face communication,” Mr Buchholz said.





This week Communication coach from SPEAKEZE, Joanne Keune, invited Townsville comedian Laurie Page, from the Comedy Generation in Townsville to join the class for students. 

“Good public speaking means enhancing a person’s natural speaking style.  I have some very funny, dry students in the class.  I could see the potential to further develop their comedy skills and so I invited an expert in to join us.”, said Ms. Keune. 

“Plus the students are all so pressured and stressed out with their studies, jobs and extra-curricula activities, that it’s a good thing for everyone in these times to lighten up a bit!”





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