‘Coke Orange No Sugar’ Now Exists

A new citrusy twist!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

24 July 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Just when you thought Coca-Cola couldn’t possibly think of another flavour to launch, they’ve tossed some new options into the fridge. 

Coca-Cola Australia announced they have launched a new citrusy flavour:

Coca-Cola Orange No Sugar

The flavour is limited edition and is now available across the nation!

The Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Australia, Lucie Austin, has revealed the new item’s hint or orange is perfect for winter and it’s completely sugar free. 

“With the cooler months setting in, Coca-Cola Orange No Sugar offers Australians an exciting and invigorating new flavour that will be a great addition to get-togethers or meals with friends.

“This limited-edition flavour has been crafted for Australians and the spirited way we do the winter season — fun and sociable. We’re not afraid to get the woollies on, grab our friends or family and get out and about when it’s chilly. So we’ve created a refreshing and unique drink to match.”

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