Cockroach-Infested Pizza Bar Owner Cops Ban And Hefty Fine

She won't serve pizzas anytime soon

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Evidence captured by City of Charles Sturt authorities. Credit: City of Charles Sturt

Pizza Bar owner Cecille Garcia Yalung has been fined $5000 and banned from serving or supplying food for two years after inspectors busted her serving food in cockroach-infested conditions. 
Council health inspectors from the City of Charles Sturt busted in to Cici's Pizza Kitchen at Hindmarsh in 2019 to discover food on cockroach-infested benches, mouldy food, liquefied vegetables and raw chicken in an open container. They dealt Yalung a prohibition order following the discovery. 

In addition, Yalung admitted to selling a pizza with a staple in it and that the store did not have temperature measuring devices or hot water. 

During her sentencing, Magistrate Simon Smart told the court Yalung went so far as to breach the prohibition order by serving food to more than 50 customers via Uber Eats and Eat Now in the two days after it was enforced. 

"Your explanation is that you weren't open for business, but the online orders came from insistent customers and you felt compelled to supply food. It really is no answer; adherence to the order is not optional and such orders have no force if persons such as you issued the order feel free to ignore them," he said.

Horrifying mouldy food found at Cici's Pizza Kitchen. Credit: City of Charles Sturt 

Cecille pleaded guilty to 20 charges, including 17 counts of failing to adhere to the food standards code and failing to adhere to an improvement notice or prohibition order. 

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15 November 2021

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