Cockle Bay Wharf Has Sprouted Giant Mushrooms For Vivid

With glowing cocktails!

Carly Heading

29 May 2019

Carly Heading

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Vivid is well and truly taking over Sydney and we aren’t mad about it!

Autumn is full of surprises. From May 24th to June 15th, you can touch, snap and feel “mushroomed” by the sudden growth of 3m to 6m tall LED mushrooms in the heart of Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour. 

The 12 mushrooms were designed and created by the Australian light sculpture artists/wunderkinds Amigo & Amigo, who quote: “Love hijacking public spaces, embedding them with colour, nature and play.” 

“As 'feelings designers', we are passionate about storytelling and creative collaborations. Most of our works look towards our natural environment for inspiration”, says Simone Chua, Director of Amigo&Amigo.

“We look to create unexpected sanctuaries within the Urban environment. Controlled sensory spaces that enable the public to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a new world with one single step. Our works at Vivid Sydney and our activation at Cockle Bay Wharf will be the first of this series," adds Chua.

The Amigos’ installation work have been featured internationally throughout Asia, South America, Europe and now at Cockle Bay Wharf. Their “Parabolic Lightcloud” was part of the Amsterdam Light Festival and “Apollo 11” was part of Sydney Festival 2019.


Visitors to Cockle Bay Wharf during this period can take in the views and fireworks with a cocktail in hand.

Enjoy $12 cocktail specials at 10 different bars at all hours, available in a limited edition LED martini glass that you can take home as a keep sake.

For more info, check out their website here.


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