Cloud Eggs Are Taking Over Instagram & Here’s How To Make Them

'Coz poached is old news.

Lucy O'D

9 May 2017

Lucy O'D

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If there's one thing that's more important than a healthy, tasty breakfast these days... it's an Instagrammable breakfast. 

The latest food-related-craze to be sweeping our Insta feeds is known as the 'cloud egg', which we think are cute as all hell! 


They may sound a little finicky to make, especially if you're someone who usually scrambles their eggs in the microwave, but... 'cloud eggs' might be the closest you'll ever get to fulfilling your lifetime wish: eating a real cloud. 


Cute right? 

Well, here's how to make them: 

  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white
  2. Whisk the egg white as if you were making meringues
  3. Add any extras i.e cheese, herbs, etc 
  4. Gently place the whisked egg white on a baking tray, leaving a well in the middle for the yolk
  5. Bake the egg white on a preheated oven at 230 °C for five to eight minutes 
  6. Pop the egg yolk in the well, return to oven for about three minutes
  7. Enjoy!

Are you going to give 'cloud eggs' a try? Let us know in the Facebook comments! 

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