Claims Queensland's Unemployed Youth Are Being 'Job Snobs'

Reluctant to get their hands dirty

5 March 2018

Article heading image for Claims Queensland's Unemployed Youth Are Being 'Job Snobs'

Several Queensland businesses are reportedly struggling to find workers to fill full-time positions, despite there being 160,000 unemployed people across the state.

So what's the problem? Well apparently, our young and jobless are unwilling to get their 'hands dirty'.

Big companies like JBS Australia say they're desperate to fill more than 300 spots in Brisbane and Ipswich and have even offered to train people with no experience. Other businesses are taking to social media in a search for workers, frustrated that many young employees and giving up the game after just a few months.

"Our preference is to fill jobs with Australians. It's good for everyone, the economy, the community and stability," JBS managing director Brent Eastwood told The Courier Mail.

While it's been revealed the government's 'Seasonal Worker Incentive Trial' has also been somewhat of a flop, with just nine unemployed Queenslanders signing up. The plan was capped at 7600 people and would allow young Aussies on benefits to remain getting payments, while earning up to $5,000 doing some seasonal horticultural work.

It's likely the program will be scrapped in the upcoming May Budget.

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