Claims of Coffs Harbour Airbnb's being shut-down "totally false"

Hit105.5 spoke to Coffs City Council

15 May 2018

Article heading image for Claims of Coffs Harbour Airbnb's being shut-down "totally false"

Coffs Harbour City Council are assuring residents that rumours of Airbnb operators being shutdown are completely false. 

Hit 105.5 caught up with Stephen Saunders (Section Leader Industry & Destination Development), who clarified the purpose of a meeting that took place on Monday.

Mr Saunders said the meeting was arranged by Destination Coffs Coast and was an invite-only networking meeting to discuss short-term accommodation in the region. 

"It was purely an information session," he said.

"There were no decisions made."

It comes after social media post over the weekend caused some confusion, claiming the Council was shutting down Airbnb operators which were not within resorts, on the grounds that they were not contrary to their zoning.

Mr Saunders confirmed this information was false, and said that the number of complaints about Airbnb properties in the region was minimal. 

"The number of complaints in the last 18 months is less than the fingers on one hand". 



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