Chuck On Yo' Joggers: Your ACTUAL Christmas Day Calories Will FRIGHTEN You

Let the nightmare begin...

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

27 March 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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It’s that time of the year, again. 

You know, where we prepare our minds and stomachs to consume the delights of a Christmas feast, pushing it to its limits and indulging in everything our heart desires. 

The one day of the year where a diet dies and we run around like little devils on a sugar high. 

The thing is, though, despite us all knowing we’re in for a huge intake of calories and treats, we actually don’t realise how darn much we will be consuming… 

Because the amount the average person will eat on Christmas day amounts to an equivalent of twelve big macs.  

Didn’t see that one coming? 

Neither did we.

On average, it’s estimated that people will consumer approx.. 7000 calories on Christmas day…. 

If you ate like this every day, that would add another 165 kilograms to your weight.

Oh, and the 7000 calories you consume on Christmas would take a helluva lot to burn off. We’re talking nearly 8 hours on the treadmill or walking for 21.5 hours. 



This is how your Christmas feast breaks down into calories… 

Getting To The Party

When you arrive at your family’s house/mate’s place/wherever you’re spending Christmas, you greet everyone with warm hugs and you’ll usually be offered something to drink. 

You accept and then chow down on the chips left out for everyone’s hands to shove into. 

Settling In

Cheese platter. Anti-pasto… Need we say more?

Once most of the guests have arrived, the beloved cheese platter, crackers, and the likes file on out for you to drool over. Cheese isn’t exactly the lightest thing in the world… and considering how delicious brie and camembert are, how do you know when to stop?

Cheese: 200 calories + (let’s face it, you’re going to eat the whole block, so more like 300 + ).

Crackers: 200 calories +

Antipasto: 150 calories +

Getting the gist?



Pre-Dinner Drinks

You were offered a glass on your way in, but go on… have another. 

Anything between 100 to 150 calories per drink…

The Christmas Feast

After what seems like the longest wait in history, it’s finally time for the long-awaited Christmas feast, that someone has slaved away for hours on. 

There’s ham, turkey, beef, chicken, seafood, sausages, potato bake, pasta, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, dinner rolls… yummy stuff………. more yummy stuff…. and some leafy green stuff all chucked in a bowl.

But let’s break that down:

Dressing or stuffing: 439 calories +

Meats: 400 calories +

Mashed Potato: 237 calories + 

Potato Bake: 300 calories +

Prawns: 150 calories +

Salad: Does it really matter?

The list goes on…


Christmas Feast Drinks / After Dinner Drinks

By now, you’ve probably had more than a few… we bet you’ve lost count. 

Settling Down… By Winding Up.

Just when everyone has finished opening their presents and dinner has started to settle down, everyone winds on up again on a serious sugar high, because here comes dessert!

There’s biscuits, drinks, pudding, cake, cupcakes, egg nog, ginger bread, chocolate, custard… you name it!

Panettone: 370 calories… per slice!

Tiramisu: 360 calories +

Mince Pies: 200 calories per pie!

Ginger bread: 45 calories + 

Rum Balls: 60 calories +

Egg nog: 180 calories per glass. 

Christmas pudding: 140 calories (for a small 50g slice… that you’ll have seconds of!).

Nougat: 200 calories in a small bar. 

This isn’t even including breakfast… or lunch/dinner, depending when you have your feast!

Looks like your top button won’t be doing up on your pants this time ‘round!

Even though we might end up feeling a bit like Santa after Christmas, we’re sure no one will complain about good food!

However, once Christmas is over… you’re all probably going to chuck your running shoes on!

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