Christmas In Aus VS. Christmas in America

Did we miss anything?

14 December 2017

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Christmas in Australia is very unique, and there's definitely some BIG difference between us and America at this time of year! 


Here's a few of the differences between us. #Strayaaaaa!!!!!!! 





In America: They snug up in their winter clothes, with their Christmas patterned socks, beanies and sweaters. 

In Australia: We rock a pair of boardies, a bintang singlet and a Santa hat.





In America: They build their snowmen out of snow.

In Australia: We build our snowmen out of beach sand.





In America: They make wonderful and intricate gingerbread houses, with little gingerbread men that you can eat afterwards. 

In Australia: We crack open a box of favourites. Every year. Without fail.





In America: They hand pick their Christmas Trees from the outdoors and they smell like fresh pine. 

In Australia: We get (IF they aren't sold out) a tree on special for $39.99 from Kmart. It smells like plastic. 





In America: They roast an entire turkey for Christmas dinner. 

In America: We get a cooked chook from Coles. 



In America: Their holiday drink is Egg Nog. 

In Australia: Our holiday drink is Emu Export, AKA a can of Bush Chook.


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