Christmas Delivery Chaos Likely As FedEx Workers Strike Across The Nation

FedEx is seen as an unreasonable outlier

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FedEx workers are striking across the country, threatening “major disruptions” to Australia’s parcel deliveries in the lead up to Christmas. 

Work stoppages are taking place in WA and NSW on Monday, with other states to follow suit in the coming days. 

FedEx workers have returned to industrial action (which began in October) after negotiations over pay increases and job security were held up. Now, the delivery giant will lock out striking workers for up to two full shifts. 

The Australian Council of Trade Unions, Secretary Sally McManus said FedEx is an “unreasonable outlier” after other delivery companies reached agreements with their employees. 

"FedEx made $18 million a day during the pandemic, racking up huge profits. They are now refusing to share a tiny part of that with the workers who risked their health to make them these profits. It is un-Australian to lock out workers and the ultimate sign of disrespect to the people who make this company successful. A reasonable pay rise that has already been agreed to by their competitors and better job security is the least workers deserve. FedEx will be seen as the unreasonable outlier and out of touch with the expectations of the community if they continue down this track,” Ms Manus said.

In response, FedEx has announced it will “offer to make the largest wage increase for workers in the logistics sector, a total of 9.25 per cent over three years."

"In addition, we have offered to increase superannuation during the three-year period, reaching 13 per cent in 2024," the FedEx statement read.

FedEx Express Australasia Vice President Peter Langley claimed it was the "most competitive offer made by any company in our sector".

"We are keen to conclude these negotiations and get these industry-leading increases passed on to employees quickly," Mr Langley said.

FedEx says the company will continue approaching the negotiations in good-faith and look forward to a positive response from the TWU also.

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22 November 2021

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