Chris Pratt Accidentally Deleted 51,000 Emails And I OOP!

Rookie error

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Ohhhhhh, Chris. What have you done!

Chris Pratt decided to get stuck in to his emails after his son literally gasped after seeing that 35,000 of them were unread. He then vowed to get through 1,000 emails a day. 

We've all been there, right? Having an inbox that looks like it's never-ending?! Well, he's proven yet again that he's just like us - signing up for anything & everything. 

So, I'm going to paint a picture for you. Imagine having a MOUNTAIN of emails...but then imagine deleting them all. Permanently. Never to be seen again.

That's exactly what Chris Pratt did, documenting the horror on his Instagram!

"Okay, okay. I'm trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread and it just deleted them. And now, I'm like, Oh no. I needed to read them

"I don't know where they went. So, and now my battery's dying. I think I got them all...

"If I owe you an email, you might want to follow up on that. Resubmit, perhaps, the email and then I'll read it because it may have just gotten deleted. Yup, 51,000 messages are in the trash. Oh, f--k."

OH F--K indeed! 

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Amber Lowther

22 May 2020

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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