Chocolate That Reverses Ageing Is Here So You Don’t Look ‘Like The Cryptkeeper’

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It’s no longer a secret that chocolate is good for you (the good quality stuff, though!), but it’s about to get even better, because a new chocolate has been developed that will help reverse the signs of ageing. 


While getting wrinkles and grey hairs as you get older is a beautiful thing that everyone should celebrate more, the truth is that a lot of us can’t stand the thought of ageing and losing our ‘youthfulness’. 

It’s a shame, but thanks to a former researcher from Cambridge University’s new invention, you might be able to fight off your fears for a little longer! 


Ivan Petyaev has invented a dark chocolate that has many health benefits and will even give you younger, healthier skin. 

The chocolate, called Esthechoc, was created in the UK at a lab called Lycotec. 

Each piece weighs only 7.5grams and contains many antioxidants that trump those normally contained in over 300g of Alaskan salmon (astanxanthin) and 100g of typical dark chocolate (flavanol). 


Based on clinical trials that have been conducted, on participants between 50-60, the chocolate boosts blood supply, reduces inflammation, and leads to healthier, clearer, and younger-looking skin. 

Ivan explained that eating Esthechoc regularly can make your skin like it was in your 20’s and 30’s, due to the strong flavanol content in such a small amount of chocolate and the high antioxidant content. 

It also has low sugar content, which means diabetics can enjoy it, too.


The chocolate should be available online soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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