Apparently Cheese-and-Vegemite Gelato Is Now A Thing In Perth

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Dumbo Gelato

Yes, you read that right. Some crazy person has decided to combine the much loved savoury cheesy vegemite treat into an Italian flavour of ice cream.

Dumbo Gelato is a newly opened ice creamery which has some very interesting flavours on offer on Scarborough Beach, Perth.  

To be fair, when we say Vegemite and cheese flavoured, we don't actually mean they've just chucked a tonne of vegemite and Tasty shredded cheese into an ice cream bowl. 

What we mean is that the ice cream connoisseurs have curated similar Vegemitey taste which is more of a salted caramel flavour that’s been spiked with some of Australia’s finest and B-vitamin-iest and instead of using actual grated cheese, we are talking mascarpone and cream cheese, two of the dairy world’s more dessert-appropriate cheeses. 

Combine said cheeses with aforementioned salted caramel and you’ve got yourself a gloriously lush, swirly mess that infuses Italian and Australian food traditions.

Lord help us if anyone ever figures out how to turn this bad boy into something we can spread on toast.

While you can get your hit in a cup or cone and if you want to up the ante you can order it in a “pie” form.

YES, pie as in beefy Aussie pie form.

So if the whole vegemite and cheese flavour fiasco doesn't tickly your fancy, there are other more enticing flavours on offer for people to choose from.

This includes everything from other more normal iconic Aussie favourites like lamington flavours to booze margarita styled flavours. 

And did we mention the venue is dog-friendly? Because they even a special doggy ice cream menu on offer as well. 

So, there is literally something for everyone!  

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2 December 2019

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