Check Out This Futuristic Toothbrush For The Laziest Of Them All!

You don't have to do a thing!

Lucy O'D

14 July 2017

Lucy O'D

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Image credit: Bank of Ideas / YouTube 

To be completely honest, the need to have to brush our teeth twice a day hasn't felt as much of a burden since we were five-years-old... 

Well, that's until we just found out that there's a toothbrush out there that will do it all for you... in 10 seconds flat! 


So, can somebody please explain to us, why the hell we're using our arms to brush our teeth like a bunch of chumps? 

The automatic toothbrush, called Amabrush, can clean your pearly whites in a swift 10 seconds, which apparently, is more beneficial than you'd think... did you know that we apparently lose up to 100 days of our life to brush our teeth?! 

According to the product's introduction ad, the toothbrush is "super easy to handle."

"The toothpaste foam is delivered through the mouthpiece directly to your teeth, afterwards the mouthpiece vibrates in order to oscillate the bristles."


Amabrush's Kickstarter campaign still has 22 days to go and they've already smashed their goal of just over $AUD70K by an extra $AUD800K. 

The toothbrush will set you back just a little over $AUD100 and it could be yours by December this year! 

Sick of brushing your teeth like a chump? Back their project here and it's all yours! But be quick, they've only got 333 left for this shipment. 


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