Check out the Gold Coast pancakes making us drool at breakfast

They're phat as a pancake

Holly Fallon

10 November 2017

Holly Fallon

Article heading image for Check out the Gold Coast pancakes making us drool at breakfast

As a foodie, you generally fall into one of two categories over breakfast: Savory or Sweet.

If you are THAT person who needs a sugar hit of a morning, then the common go-to is pancakes. Sweet, sweet, fluffy pancakes.

While some are your run-of-the-mill basic batch, others are creatively whipped up to resemble a fruity piece of art.

Here are 5 cafes on the Gold Coast that are serving up the finest looking pancakes in all of town:

1. Coffediction, Southport 

I think we just died, and ended up in Strawberry heaven.

Pretty as a picture, these fluffy pancakes with marinated strawberries, vanilla ice cream and a thick strawberry sauce is available for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

2. Cowch, Pacific Fair

More of a dessert than breakfast, this Cookie Pancake Stack is a huge favourite.

It’s 3 cookies with Tim Tam and Oreo between the stack. Topped with a scoop of ice cream, doused in chocolate and finished with Oreo and Tim Tam. 

3. Pancakes on the Rocks, Surfers Paradise

Kings of the pancake world, these buttermilk pancakes are topped with grilled banana, walnuts, cream, chocolate ice cream and our home made chocolate sauce.

4. Commune, Burleigh Heads

Is that a flower bed or my breakfast? It's your breakfast. Commune Espresso serves up the the most delicious organic, vegan coconut Ice-cream on top of their cacao pancakes with pure maple syrup and fresh berries.

5. BSKT, Nobbys Heads

These deliciously ugly buckwheat pancakes with vegan honeycomb, coconut ice cream and berry compote is everything our hungover bodies need on a Sunday morning. 

We flipping love you pancakes!

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