Check Out Claire's Hens Party Hosted By Dane!

Did he succeed?

27 February 2018

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A woman's hens party is meant to be a night to remember...

So, when Dane self-appointed himself 'Chief Hen' for Claire, the whole of Griffith was awaiting the big day with baited breath. 

So did he succeed? 

Claire alongside 8 lucky listeners were in for a wild ride. 

Dane had organised a bus driven by Cass from Bella Vita Tours who ran the event (he was going to need some help!).

First stop: Eclipse the Essential spa for Pedicures.

Happy toes, happy wife! 
Oh dear..

It was then off to Starfish Florist where Cass and Vanessa helped the group to make flower crowns.

All this creativity was making works up an appetite! Lunch was provided by the delicious cats at La Piccola Grosseria.

And what's a Hen's shindig without a wine tasting at De Bortoli Wines AND McWilliam’s Wines?

Safe to say, Dane nailed the Hen's party! 

But it doesn't stop there, Claire gets married this Saturday.

Could Dane be the wedding planner? 

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