Charlene Says She Doesn't Regret Slamming The Boys On 'MAFS'

She's not done yet!

9 March 2018

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Because we're all still talking about what went down at this weeks dinner party on Married At First Sight (you know it's true), we've been hearing a lot of different stories from everyone involved about how they felt about the whole situation.

Dean believes that the comments made at the boys' night weren't meant to be offensive and was just banter, Justin believes that Charlene did bully the boys a bit at the party and now, Charlene has explained how she felt about the whole thing in an interview on A Current Affair.


On last night's episode of the news program, Charlene said that she doesn't regret standing up for the other wives and that everyone was probably a bit shocked by it.

"I just think that it blew up as much as it did because I'm a strong woman and I think that was surprising to a lot of people at that table, that as a woman, I would be the one to call them out on their cr**!

"The thing that I suppose made me really angry about it was the talk about wife-swapping and the rest of it with no consideration to - do you think any of those girls would actually want to be with you?' 

"I just let them have it. Let them know what I thought."


Patrick was interviewed also and he said that he is now embarrassed to be associated with some of the other men on Married At First Sight.

According to Channel Nine, the discussion about the boys' night isn't over yet, we wonder if they'll do what they did last year and show the boys' night footage at the commitment ceremony?!


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