Charlene Has Apologised For Telling Patrick To "Man Up" On 'MAFS'

Fans called her a hypocrite!

12 March 2018

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Married At First Sight is starting to wind down now, but that still doesn't mean that Australia's switching off the reality show, in fact, people seem to be more into it than ever now that we're reaching the end, just so they can find out who will stay together!

Last night, the couples were paired up with other grooms and brides to give relationship advice to each other and of course, Charlene and Dean were put together.

Charlene and Dean discussed their relationships and discussed the boys' night, AGAIN, before he told her that she needs to take a look at her own relationship with Patrick.

Dean said he didn't think they were as strong as she was letting on and once Charlene and Patrick sat down to discuss their relationship, a lot of things came to light.


Charlene said that she feels like Patrick can sometimes be very timid around her.

“I feel like you’re scared ... I honestly feel like half the time with you and the emotional stuff, like, you’re scared to come near me.”

Patrick replied by simply saying "sometimes" before Charlene jumped in and told him he should man up and meet her strength.

"Dude, be a fricking man.”

MAFS viewers didn't take that comment lightly and took to Twitter to slam her and call her a "hypocrite" as only days before, she was praising her husband for how well he's in tune with his emotions.


This morning, Charlene was asked about why she told Patrick to "be a fricking man" on The Today Show and she ended up apologising for what she said, telling Ben Fordham and Georgie Gardner that she didn't mean to say something so harsh.

“It was terrible ... Apologies, that is awful.

"I shouldn’t have said the ‘man up’ thing but what I was really talking about is ... I’m a really strong person.

"So when Pat is quite timid around me, that is a bit of a challenge for us, and I’m looking for Pat to meet some of my strength so we can work alongside each other as a partnership.

"That’s all I really mean with that.”

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