Chaotic Scenes At The Queensland Border As Anti-Lockdown Protestors Gather

Protestors include man on horseback

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Source: Kangaroo Court Of Australia - Shane Dowling

Up to two thousand protesters gathered on both sides of the Queensland border at Tweed Heads and Coolangatta, to oppose the border closure yesterday. 

Locals are angry they have to endure the NSW lockdown measures, despite the fact, there are no cases in the local area. 

In a dramatic display, a man galloped up to the border blockade on horseback chanting: “Cross the border! Everybody cross the border, they can’t hold all of us.” 

A plane also flew overhead flying a banner that read “Tweed zero cases. Why the insanity?”

Whilst nine arrests were made the protest was mostly peaceful. Some signs displayed statements like “No Vaxx Passport” and “Plandemic”. 

Queensland Acting Chief Superintendent Reece Wyldman said people need to practice common sense and stop ignoring public health and safety orders. 

“We’ll see what happens in the coming days in relation to the flow-on implications whether there’s any transfer of the virus. Hopefully not on this occasion. So once again, we just don’t want this to occur so please reconsider any future protest options and actions,” he said.

 Many attendees were fined for not wearing masks and ignoring the social distancing rules. 


Despite there being no cases in Tweed Heads, there are concerns following an infected man and his children’s visit to Byron Bay last month. Since then, infected particles were detected in the coastal town’s sewerage system on Tuesday. 

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22 August 2021

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