Chances Are You Haven't Coughed Up For Your Citylink Fine

70% of Victorians don't pay toll fines

10 July 2017

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If you have received a Citylink or Eastlink fine, chances are you may not have paid it!

A whopping one in seven people in Victoria have copped an infringement but they haven't paid it.

Experts are worried those refusing to cough up the cash are unnecessarily clogging our courts, as private toll companies try to claw back their un-paid cash.

Frankston and Cranbourne drivers get fines at a higher rate than anywhere else in Victoria, with almost 10 per cent of all fines being issued to people in those postcodes.

All-up there were more than 1.2 million fines issued in 2015-16 but Melbourne commuters paid the least for tolls in the country last year.

On average, Victorian families fork out $18,000 per year on tolls.

Last year The Age revealed outstanding toll warrants had hit nearly $687 million for 2014-15, a 15 per cent rise on the previous year.

The worst postcode for Citylink & Eastlink fines is Cranbourne.

Next on the list is Craigieburn Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook and St Albans, Frankston, Dandenong, Croydon and Pakenham.

Community legal centres say they are now being flooded with clients struggling to cope with infringements but the Victorian governement is promising to overhaul the fine system, so it's easier for motorists to manage and pay their fines.

Source: The Age


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