CFMMEU Fined $85,000 After Delaying Metro Tunnel Project

No imminent risk

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The CFMMEU has been fined $85,000 for making false safety claims holding up the Metro Tunnel Project.

Two groups of staffers were told to down tools as an on-site first aid room bed was too high and there was poor lighting.

As a result, the $11 billion project was halted for several hours in July 2019.

The union has admitted there was no imminent risk to the health and safety of workers, which has prompted the launch of legal action from the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

The building regulator has told the CFMMEU that it has a history of misusing safety concerns to advance industrial objectives.

Justice Kerr handed down the ruling on Monday adding that the union had a ‘gross history’ of dubious safety claims.

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29 June 2021

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