Central Victoria's News Whip Around - 17th April

Sunny and 19 for Bendigo today

16 April 2018

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69 year old Howard Hawke has pleaded guilty to 7 charges including attempting to procure sex from a two year old child from Thailand.

The Kangaroo Flat man fronted the County Court on Friday charged with producing child abuse material in another country, planning an offense and encouraging an offense.

He was arrested last year in March over phone calls intercepted by the Australian federal Police between him and the two year old’s mother - he’ll be sentenced on Thursday.


A trolley collection subcontractor has been fined just over $230,000 by the Fair Work Ombudsman for exploiting two migrant workers and using false records to cover it up.

The workers were underpaid a total of $29,031 over a 6 month period in 2015 while collecting trolleys for Woolworths at the Bendigo Marketplace.

Jobanjeet Singh was fined $40,510  personally and his company Joban’s Trolley collection was penalised a further $190,000


One teenage female has been taken to BENDIGO hospital in a serious condition and another has been accessed for minor injuries following a crash near TRESIZE TRACK in EAST BENDIGO.

The crash occurred around 2.10pm yesterday with the vehicle running off the gravel road and into a tree.

Police urging people to drive to the conditions and slow down on gravel roads.


Today is World Haemophilia Day and to celebrate the 28th anniversary, MEDICINE X is launching a new app to better help those living with the disorder with their treatment.

PHARMACOKINETICS explained using the story of a real life haemophiliac Jamie to explain the importance of understanding what their medication and their clotting factor is doing in their body.

Medicine X's, Paul says more than 2800 people in Australia have been diagnosed with the illness which doesn't allow their blood to clot properly.


PYRAMID HILL's upset flag favourite NEWBRIDGE in the opening round of the LODDON VALLEY football league season, despite having 11 less scoring shots in the 49 to 40 result.

MITIAMO defeated BRIDGEWATER by 25 points, behind a 7 goals to 1 second quarter. MAIDEN GULLY YCW had a shock 35 point win over BL SERPENTINE and CALIVIL scrapped out a 10 point win over MARONG.

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