Let the love triangles begin!


3 April 2018


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We see Megan enter the Island with Jake which sparks an angry Flo.

Flo then declares she is keen for Megan  

Jake finally approaches Flo and they decide to swing together and talk it out, I have a feeling this won be the only swinging we will see on the island.

Flo again changes her tide and now is back to being team Jake.

Jarrod is keen for his date card and likes their "commonality" 

Ali and Keira both reveal their blonde ambition for Jarrod which one will he pick?

He puts on his thinking cap or in this case fedora and mulls it over.

The bombshell is dropped that Jake kissed Megan, Flo is no longer team Jake.

 Mack is keen to lose his rose to Leah she is more interested in a friendship than a flower.

SIDE NOTE: Mack is my favourite I fail to see how such a genuine guy found himself in a sea of botox and fake tan.

Keira is disheartened when Jarrod picks Ali for his date.

Jarrod gets confused and thinks he is a a production of the lion king, instead they are treated to a tribal dance lesson where Ali resists the urge to teach them her traditional moves - pop it and lock it and twerking.

Leah announces to our Mack she's keen for Michael - he is devoed Leah back off he is a nice guy! 

 Flo declares Jake to be a sociopath the love triage is really forming its sides

Meanwhile Megan is trying to get Jake on her side.

The random barman is the unsung hero here giving words of wisdom 

Jarrod and Ali are bonding quickly clingers cling together 

Ali does think there maybe no spark

Lisa and Luke are floating in the background but lets be honest no one cares for their low key sensible love story.

Ali then says she's keen for Jake maying the love triangle a square.

Jarrod tries to hypotize Ali into thinking its a special moment by repeating it over and over again.

Flo is mad again after hearing Jake saying they had a friendship.

Flo decides the reasonable way to sort this out is a champagne shower 

Jarrod wants to give his rose to Ali so does Michael SO. MUCH. DRAMA

Jake offer Flo some champagne and then proceeds to wring it out of his shirt for her 

Flo is back on the rose campaign trail and plays nice with Jake the rollercoaster is real people!

Megan has her own flower garden to worry about and is looking for to see who might be able to help her flower

All the guys are keen on Ali and her green dress Michael gets in first Ali politely ignores the 90s frangipani behind his ear until the end when she couldn't help herself, next up is our Mack keen for a crack who would've thought so many men would be attracted to a tall blonde 

Jarrod selflessly lets Keira sit on her good side but refuses to give her a rose she still thinks she got what she wanted. #anglesareimportant

Keira is upset and thank god her tear ducts still work because its hard to read emotion on her face. 

Someone is leaving paradise who will give Ali a rose? 

Mack chooses ALI ....WOAH take that Michael, Leah and Jarrod!

Jarrod chooses Keira 

New zealand dude obvs chooses Nina NEXT

Luke goes with Lisa

Blake chooses Lenora.... HAHAHA OMG he means Laurena 

Sam chooses Tara 

Jake is begging Michael to pick Flo ........

Michael chooses Leah PLOT TWIST 

Jake chooses Megan WOAH BYE FLO!











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