Cargo Ship with 16 Potential Covid Cases Docks in Perth

More Covid fears for Perth

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There are fears that there is potential for a Covid outbreak after fears of Covid positive cases on board a cargo ship.

The Ken Hou bulk-carrier ship headed for Cockburn Sound docked in Perth in the early hours of Monday morning.

It’s believed that 16 of the 22 crew members are experiencing Covid symptoms, after leaving a port in Thailand.

Cargo ship with 16 potential Covid cases docks in Perth

The ship was set to dock in Albany over the weekend before it was redirected after the crew started developing systems.

The Australian Medical Association WA President Dr. Mark Duncan-Smith is warning that the current hospital system would not handle a Covid outbreak.

“We’re very concerned, our medical system is on its knees even without Covid, and if Covid gets out into the community, especially a Delta variant, that could be a big crisis.”

Dr. Duncan-Smith has warned that all precautions must be taken, we cannot afford to put the WA community at risk.

“We should assume that they are positive with the Delta Variant, and no one should go heart them unless in full PPE, and transfers should be done in full PPE.”

All crew members will be tested on Monday, with medical staff to take all precautions necessary.

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22 August 2021

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