Car Seat 'Hack' Deemed Completely Unsafe, Poses Severe Risk To Children

'Internal decaptiation'

4 February 2019

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Getting kids in their car seat properly can always be a bit of a challenge.

However, for one Melbourne mum, a 'hack' she discovered to help keep her son upright when he dozes off in the car has turned out to be incredibly dangerous - to the point that social media followers were quick to point out that she could kill her son.

Adele Barbaro posted on her Instagram account @real_mumma that her son's head kept falling forwards in the car seat as he slept.

She also noted that she gets carsick if she has to turn around to put his head back in a safe position, so she took off her sports bra and looped it around the sides of the car seat to support hold his head upright.

However, the post quickly attracted a lot of criticism, with some people noting that the 'hack' would be deadly if she was in an accident, as the brunt of the pressure from impact would be put on her son's neck.

According to Ms Barbaro, after speaking with some experts she realised that such was the danger, she risked 'internal decapitation' as the child's head could become completely detached from the spine in the event of a car crash.

Upon learning of the danger, Ms Barbaro posted a warning to others, and admitted that she was wrong.

I did a post on the weekend when I was frustrated with my little ones head falling forward while he slept in the car. I kept turning around to pop his head back and it was making me fill ill so, I took off my sports bra and popped it across his forehead and shared what I thought was a funny and clever little mum hack. But I was wrong. DO NOT DO THIS. . I pride myself in sharing helpful and honest content but I was mortified to learn that I had shared something that was extremely unsafe, I took it straight down. . After speaking to a few people, including some paramedics and other trained professionals, I have learnt that the most important thing is that you have a car seat that is professionally installed and has its incline correct. There are a lot of devices on eBay etc that are also unsafe, so just be careful and get the right info. I have had my car seats all professionally installed buy a certified installer, on its full recline so it has made me question the car seat more than anything. . Anyway, the point of this post is that I am not perfect. I don’t always get it right, just like every mum. And although it was a funny post, I would would never share anything that I thought was unsafe for children. X

- @real_mumma



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