Capilano Responds To Reports Of Selling Fake Honey

Denies products have been adulterated

4 September 2018

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Capilano Honey has responded to allegations of topping up some of their pure honey products with other substances - saying the testing results have proven to be inconsistent.

It comes after a Fairfax and ABC report discovering NMR testing on some of their honey brands including Allowrie, Black and Gold and Bramwells had returned readings where sugar, rice and beet syrups had been added.

In a statement released last night Capilano Honey Limited Managing Director Dr Ben McKee states the NMR results have been found in the past to be inconsistent between different labs assessing the same sample.

“It is essential for consumers to have confidence in that they are buying 100% pure honey. We cannot have one test saying one thing and another saying honey is 100% pure. That is where we find ourselves today,” McKee said.

“We call on the industry to work to prove up the NMR test so that it matches the robustness of results from other testing currently relied on internationally.”

Capilano Honey is produced out of Maryborough with the company stating none of their main brand products have been affected.


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