Can You Believe It's Already Been Five Years Since The 100 Layers Challenge?

A tasteful retrospective

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We’ve seen a lot of… interesting… challenges arise from the internet over the last couple of decades but *surely* the 100 Layers Challenge takes some kind of cake for being the most bizarre, yet fascinating, of the bunch.

While some challenges, like the Tide Pod Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge, were just dangerous, and others, like the Cheese Challenge and the Harlem Shake, were just odd, there was something strangely scientific about the 100 Layers Challenge.

It all started in the mid-2016, when a YouTuber, known as Simply Nailogical, undertook a fan request which challenged her to apply over 100 layers of nail polish, creating a monstrosity which has since been dubbed “Polish Mountain”.

Five years on, we feel like we’re finally ready to take a look back at some of the challenge’s highlights.

We present to you, five of the most thought-provoking 100 layers challenges of the ages.

1. The OG

Why it made the list: There's no better way to kick off this list than to 'celebrate' the video that started it all. While many people thought it was gross at the time, they sure had absolutely no idea what was to come.

2. The Cracked Earth

Why it made the list: There's just something so unnatural about the way liquid lipstick turns to cracked gravel so quickly. While this surely couldn't have been good for her lips, we have to give her an A+ for her contribution to science.

3. The Pimple-Maker

Why it made the list: This has surely got to be *literally* the worst thing anybody could ever do to their skin. We simply couldn't let her sacrifice be in vane. 

4. The Ouch

Why it made the list: 100 layers of face mask must be the only thing to counter-act the pore-clogging devastation of 100 layers of foundation. It's a cure to a problem nobody should have and we just found that pretty neat.

5. The "It's Not A Phase, Mum"

Why it made the list: This video surely only exists so emo kids could show their parents how much worse their mascara or eyeliner (or guy-liner, we don't judge) habits could be. We can only hope the person who made the video managed to use their lashes as wings to fly somewhere nice.

6. The I C O N I C

Why it made the list: Before she took an indefinite hiatus, Jenna Marbles blessed us with this iconic video. While it may not have been where the trend started, it is arguably where it should have ended. Nobody tops Jenna.

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13 July 2021

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