Cake Bar Have Made A Caramilk Cake & HOLY SH*T

We’re DEAD.

Bree Gashparac

15 February 2018

Bree Gashparac

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We’ve died and gone to Caramilk heaven. 

Cake Bar in Geelong is known for their wild and wacky creations. They are known for desserts inspired by anything you could think of.

Now, they’ve raced across Melbourne to find as many blocks of the Cadbury flavour that is sweeping the nation… introducing… the CARAMILK CAKE. 

The Fox team got the chance to try it and it is a MONSTER! Think moist cake layered with caramel cream and topped with SO MANY pieces of Caramilk. We sat the cake down in the office and everyone went nuts!

If that isn't enough to meet your cravings, Cake Bar have also whipped up the Caramilk Cocktail. It's a mix of Caramilk, Vodka, Kahlua, caramel and half 'n' half. DONE.

If I was you, I would be making a dash to Geelong ASAP! Who know how long these babies will last??

Where: Cake Bar, 154 Moorabool Street, Geelong.

Blocks within the recall period were not used to create this EPIC cake.


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