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28 April 2018

Article heading image for CAIRNS IS A HIPSTER HOTSPOT

HIPSTER: a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. 

Also apparently a person who possibly resides in Cairns because according to a study called the Hipster Index published by MoveHub, Cairns is considered the SECOND most Hipster in Australia. 

The first isn't Melbourne or Sydney its...... THE GOLD COAST!

I know what you are thinking how the hell did they come up with this? Well, apparently its based by assessing how many vegan eateries, tattoo studios, coffee shops, vintage boutiques, and record stores a centre has per 100,000 residents, determining those with a higher ratio to clearly be hipster-riddled centres. 

This is making more sense now!

Here is a list of the top 10 with their overall rankings:

  1. Gold Coast (70 overall)
  2. Cairns (92 overall)
  3. Hobart (138 overall)
  4. Geelong (160 overall)
  5. Melbourne (173 overall)
  6. Sunshine Coast (240 overall)
  7. Adelaide (246 overall)
  8. Canberra (259 overall)
  9. Newcastle (337 overall)
  10. Sydney (348 overall)

Are you surprised? 



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