Cairns Acid Bath Killer Set to Apply for Parole

Currently facing a life sentence

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A man who murdered his wife disposing of her body in a bin filled with hydrochloric acid is making a parole bid despite only serving 10 years of his life sentence.

Klaus Andres was charged for brutally killing his wife of five years Li Ping Cao after a Cairns Supreme Court jury found him guilty back in 2013.

Murder convictions in Queensland carry a non-parole period of 20 years, but the 78-year-old's set to plea for his release on Thursday claiming his health is declining.

Klaus Andres to apply for parole

It’s believed he is applying for parole under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ clause. The Corrective Services Act outlines that parole under exceptional circumstances are only awarded to:

  • an incarcerated person who develops a terminal illness
  • an incarcerated person who is the sole carer of a spouse who contracts a chronic disease requiring constant attention.

According to the Queensland Parole Board their “highest priority in making parole decisions is the safety of the community.”

Andres is currently serving a life sentence at the Glen Lotus Correctional Centre, after fighting and losing his conviction in both the Court of Appeal and High Court.

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26 May 2021

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