Busy summer for Gold Coast lifeguards

500 lives saved

1 March 2017

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A pat on the back for our lifeguards, with no lives lost on Gold Coast beaches over the summer months.

Queensland Surf Life Savers battled bluebottles, heatwaves and crowded beaches December, January and February, to save almost 500 lives.

Gold Coast lifesaving services coordinator Nathan Fife said it was disappointing to see most of the people rescued were swimming outside the flagged area.

"You're not risking just your life, but you're risking your family who might have to save you or the life savers lives, so please, swim between those red and yellow flags," he said.

A pair of thongs was laid out on the beach at The Spit on Wednesday morning, for each of the 1,400 people pulled from the water off the Queensland coast over the past three months.

Another 55,175 people relieved first-aid treatment over the period, up from 11,700 last summer, while there was also a whopping 900% increase in the number of bluebottles stings.

Mr Fife said with the busy Easter break still to come, the work's not over for volunteers and staff just yet.

"Our job isn't done; we've still got 'til the end of the season to go, the first of May," he said.

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