Bushfire Season Crackdown Begins

Public warned ignorance is no excuse

6 December 2017

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Did you know that last year, nearly a third of all out-of-control bushfires last season were because of banned fire activity?

More importantly, did you know doing that could cost you a 12 month jail sentence?

Well, that's the message from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services staring now until the end of bushfire season in March.

They've launched a crack down on people who ignore Total Fire Bans, and warn ignorance is no excuse for your actions.

The Department's Chief Superintendent of Metropolitan Operations Greg Feeney has reminded the public, it's not always intentional acts that run a risk.

"Activities such as campfires, cookers and pizza ovens that use solid fuels such as wood or charcoal, or industrial-type work such as welding, soldering, grinding, gas cutting and the use of incinerators," Mr Feeney said.

If you're wondering how you can keep track, fire bans are broadcast the day they're put into effect at emergency.wa.gov.au.

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