Build A Booty Like JLo With This At Home Workout

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We are all in awe of our favourite celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and are always curious about HOW they get their incredible bodies.

Is it good genes, good docs? All we know for sure is it takes some dedication and we're here to sign up.

When it comes to booties we would wish for should a genie land in our lap, JLo is at the top of the list.

In the meantime, an at-home workout will have to be the next best thing.

Personal Trainer protege Curtis MacKinnon is part of the Acero Training team - headed up by Australia's own version of Bennifer, Jono and Amy Castano.

Jono is the trainer behind incredible celebrity transformations like Rebel Wilson and Rita Ora... where Amy could pass for JLo if she ever needed a stand-in... and this boss babe has the hair and beauty skills to match.

Curtis is developing his own list of celebrity clients including Real Housewife Krissy Marsh, Candice Warner, Love Island star Jessie Wynter, Bachelor star Kiki Morris and more but when asked about building a booty like JLo's, here's the at-home workout he'd recommend.

*as always, please speak with your medical or workout professional before undertaking any exercise*

Workout :


Banded lateral steps – 15 each direction – 30 reps

Banded donkey kicks – 30 each leg

Banded glute bridge  - 30 reps  

3 Rounds Through


Banded lunge pulses – 30 each leg

Banded squat pulses – 30 reps

Banded side clams – 30 each leg

3 Rounds through

When it comes to working out from home, Curtis says; "...after months of COVID lockdown I have observed clients are fatigued or becoming burnt out by the pressures of life, work and the present restrictions. 

Client relationships are incredibly important to me and I tend to spend the first 5 minutes of any session understanding how my client feels physically and mentally..."

Curtis continues, " means I can then adapt the plans I have for the session, continuing to support and motivate my client without compromising the agreed overall individual goals. It’s a journey not a destination, particularly in a global pandemic..."

No matter the lockdown or location, Curtis and Acero have started training their clients from home with Virtual Training sessions - you just have to have a space on your lounge room floor... and a good attitude to take part!

Check out more from Acero on their app here.

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14 September 2021

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