Broadbeach Launches Queensland's First Gelato Panini!


Amber Lowther

8 March 2018

Amber Lowther

Who loves gelato? Who loves panini bread? If you answered "ME!" to both of those things, then you're going to want to head to My Gelato at The Oracle in Broadbeach to give it a go!

The Gelato Panini is a sweet warm bun filled with rich, creamy gelato and ready to satisfy your tastebuds with its unique flavours. Excited yet?


This dessert can be found in traditional dessert bars throughout Italy, so it's only fitting that it's brought to the Gold Coast by the Italian owners of My Gelato! 

My Gelato owner Davide Lo Giudice said finding the perfect ingredients to make his creation a reality was a task.

“When I first set out to make the Gelato Panini, I had to find the perfect bun with the right consistency that wasn’t too sweet so it wouldn’t compete with the flavour of the gelato,” Mr Lo Giudice said.

“The first bite is fantastic as you have the hot sensation of the warm panini bun, followed by the coolness of the gelato, and then you have the taste combination as the flavours of the sweet bun and the gelato mix together.”


My Lo Giuduce is known for creating unique flavours, so he finds himself inspired by the flavours and food combinations.

“When I have time, I love to go to restaurants to try new things,” he said.

“If I taste something I love, I try and recreate the flavour combination in my laboratory using my gelato.

“Sometimes I am successful, other times it doesn’t work, but it is fun to try new things.”

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What are you waiting for?! Go and try Queensland's first Gelato Panini!


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