Britney Spears Says “You’re Allowing My Dad To Ruin My Life” In An Emotional Surprise Court Appearance


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But finally, there’s some good news. Britney Spears' elected attorney, former federal prosecutor Matthew Rosengart, has been approved by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny to represent her. 

The latest news follows Spears’ surprise appearance in the court hearing on Wednesday via telephone, where more harrowing details of her conservatorship came to light. 

During the court hearing, Rosengart requested that Britney’s father, Jamie be removed immediately from his position as the sole conservator of her estate, which was, unfortunately, denied. 

Following the hearing, Mr Rosengart appeared outside the courtroom today. 

“The question remains, why is he involved?” he said.
“We will be moving promptly and aggressively for his removal,” Rosengart added.

Britney said repeatedly that she wants the conservatorship, which came into effect after her highly-publicised mental breakdown in 2008, to end. 

She called it “cruelty” and requested her father be investigated for “conservator abuse”.

As of now, Jamie is the sole conservator of Britney’s estate and Jodi Montgomery is Britney’s personal conservator. 

Rosengart’s newly appointed position is welcome news for Spears and her fans after Britney’s previous attorney, Sam Ingham resigned and Besemer Trust quit their position as co-conservator of her estate. 

Britney uploaded a video on Instagram celebrating her newly approved legal representation, where she thanked her fans for their support.

"You have no idea what it means to me to be supported by such awesome fans," she said.

There has been no shortage of drama in the case so far. In Spears' previous appearance on June 23, she made an explosive testimony, stating that the conservatorship was a means by which her family controls her. She said they forced her to do the Piece Of Me Tour in Europe in 2018 and that she can't marry and have kids with her partner, Sam Asghari. 

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15 July 2021

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