Brisbane's Masked Celebrity Has Finally Been Revealed!

Did you guess who it was?

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It's finally happened - Brisbane's Masked Celebrity has been revealed!

Did you guess who it was?

Listen here for the reveal with Stav, Abby & Matt:

And, if you had some confusion about all the clues, see the list below for all the explanations!

  1. My husband and I both like the water – both swimmers.
  2. The unofficial capital of North Queensland is my starting place – was born in Townsville.
  3. I became social on the 1st March 2012 – the date she posted her first photo on insta.
  4. I’ve been #1 with the maroons for 22 years – has #1 Lockyer SOO jersey that is 22 years old
  5. My life is a narrative – has a memoir out.
  6. I’m a professional but I’m not certified – doesn’t have the blue tick on Instagram.
  7. Hillary Clinton, Rumer Willis and Melanie C all have something in common with me – same height.
  8. I enjoy spending my time in the starlight – is a starlight ambassador
  9. I love the water but the air is my sign – Is an Aquarius
  10. Allen & Unwin have been a huge supporter – they’re her book publisher
  11. I’m post-nominal – has an OAM
  12. Flowers hold a very special place in my heart – Her daughters each have a flower in their name Poppy, Edwina Daisy and Bronte Rose.
  13. Girls surround me – has three daughters.
  14. 2013 was a 'catastrophic' year – in 2013 she suffered a  'catastrophic' wrist injury forcing her into retirement.
  15. The postcode 2088 holds a special place in my heart – she got married at Georges Head national park in Sydney.
  16. Hugh Jackman’s wife and I have great taste – her wedding dress was by Lisa Gowing, who has also dressed Deborah Lee Furness.
  17. My luggage was the heaviest in 2008 – bought  home four medals from Beijing
  18. Sheets and umbrella’s helped me keep a secret – she had her reception Taronga Zoo and shielded by a walking tent to keep the media away.
  19. I was surround by girls growing up – went to Somervile School.
  20. I move like a butterfly – Butterfly is her winning stroke.
  21. I have my own quartet  – has won four Olympic gold medals.
  22. I’ve got something in common with one of the Backstreet Boys – her birthday is on the same day as Nick Carter on the 28th of Jan.
  23. I’ve danced alongside Tina Arena - She’s been on Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with Dannial Gosper. In 2013. She got out in the semi-final, missing out on the grand final despite getting a perfect ten from the judges.
  24. I was in the club at four – joined her first swimming club at age 4.
  25. My name has two meanings – Lisbeth from the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction. Also, the lilly flower.

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23 August 2020

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