Brisbane Petrol Prices Could Hit Three Year High This Weekend

RACQ slams money hungry servos

Amy Drew

20 April 2018

Amy Drew

Queensland's peak motoring body has slammed some Brisbane service stations for ripping off motorists, by hiking up unleaded fuel prices as high as $1.569 a litre and blaming it on global oil prices.

Drivers are being urged to fill up their tanks now or risk further rip offs, with fears prices could hit a new 3.5 year high if the trend continues.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said there was no justification for the unreasonable increase and urged drivers to fill up at stations yet to hike prices.

"We are not only surprised, but angry. We wouldn't have expected these service stations to go this high and now we're really worried that the others are going to follow and if they do, we'll reach a record high of prices we haven't seen in three and a half years," she said.

"Usually we get a great opportunity at the bottom of the price cycle to be filling up at prices that are often very close to wholesale, this didn't happen this time round. The oil price has gone up, but this doesn't justify these increases."

Smith said motorists should be paying no more than $1.36 a litre.

"As we know with the price cycle, blink your eyes and it's gone. Fill up now, keep an eye out for service stations charging $1.36 or less and you'll know you're not getting ripped off."

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