BRISBANE FLOOD WARNING: Higher Than Usual Tide Expected

Residents in low-lying suburbs warned

9 March 2017

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Low-lying areas of Brisbane are on high alert this morning, with higher than usual tides expected today until Monday. 

We're expecting a high point of 2.75m at the mouth of the Brisbane River just after 8am today, before a peak just before 9am on Saturday.

At the moment, there are predictions of 2.76m at 9.30am on Sunday, though there is a chance it could be worse, with the weather bureau predicting some rain and storms. 

Monday's peak of 2.71m will come at 10.06am. 

Council's warned residents in the flood-prone suburbs around the coastline and riverside. It says people should be thinking about moving their cars, and potentially sandbagging to protect their property.

Sandbags are available for collection at any time of the day from the following locations:
  • Darra - 38 Shamrock Road, Darra
  • Morningside - 9 Redfern Street, Morningside
  • Newmarket - 66 Wilston Road (in car park off Erneton Street), Newmarket
  • Zillmere - 33 Jennings Street, Zillmere
  • Lota - Herbert Street, Lota.

This weekend's tides are expected to be similar to the high tides expected in June 2016. Last year's event coincided with an east coast low.. there was widespread flooding and some significant damage. 

It comes after dangerous swell forced the closure of Gold Coast beaches this week. 

For more information phone Council on (07) 3403 8888 or click HERE for tide predictions. 

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