Brisbane Eatery Fined $37K Over Super Dodgy Mayonnaise

The sauce gave 29 people food poisoning

22 June 2017

Image: Pexels

A Brisbane restaurant has been fined $37,000 for serving up mayonnaise that left 28 people with food poisoning.

Brisbane Magistrates' Court heard the head chef of South Bank Surf Club prepared two dodgy batches of the condiment in 2015, contaminated with salmonella likely transferred from eggshells, the Courier Mail reports.

Lawyers representing the eatery pleaded guilty to 22 charges of serving unsafe food over eight days.

The court heard the charges did not arise from unhygienic practices, with the company unaware the food was unsafe.

Brisbane City Council health inspectors filed a complaint to the court after alleging the restaurant left the aioli sauce alongside other sauces on benches at room temperature for up to three hours without refrigeration on the day they were used in meals.

Customer Kelli Reilly, a Western Australia hockey player, was hospitalised for three days after contracting salmonella poisoning from her meal of buffalo wings and aioli sauce, according to the ABC.

The court heard Ms Reilly still suffers from salmonella poisoning and has been unable to play hockey since.

"I've been through a lot," she said outside court.

"I'd probably not like to comment on it all because it has impacted me a lot and my family."

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